A comprehensive digital textile printing overview

Digital textile printing

What is Digital Textile Printing? Digital textile printing is a method where colorful designs are embossed on fabric using ink-jet printing technologies. It is one of the valuable developments in the textile printing industry which maintains high standards of quality. Also, digital printing opens a new way for the growing demand in the textile printing …

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Types of Printing-8 Best Textile Printing Techniques

transfer printing types

What is printing in textile Printing word derived from the Latin word meaning “pressing and indirect pressure application”. Textile printing is applying color to fabric in definite designs and patterns. A technique decorating fabric with pigments, dyes, or other materials in which fabric is pretreated or after dying. It is a branch of wet textile …

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Textile printing

Screen textile printing

What is textile printing? Textile printing through time The word “printing” is a Latin word meaning “pressing” and implies techniques with “pressure”. Textile printing is the process of applying color to fabric in definite designs and patterns. Textile printing is one branch of Textile wet processing. Also,  it is a branch of wet processing, which …

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Denim fabric

Vintage denim jacket

What is denim fabric: Exploring this ionic fabric Denim is one of the world’s most versatile and transcended fabrics its humble beginning as workwear to become a fashion staple in today world’s society. It is known most commonly used for making jeans is cotton twill fabric. It typically comes in blue, although other shades and …

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Washing jeans

wash jeans but less

The ultimate guide on how to properly wash your jeans I know the importance of taking care of jeans, as a keen denim lover. They are investments that want to last for years and proper care is necessary. Washing jeans may look like a very simple task, but there are many misconceptions about how to …

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Moisture wicking textile

moisture in textile

The science behind moisture-wicking textile   ‍ Moisture-wicking textiles have revolutionized our daily lives and the way to experience comfort.  Whether it is simply going out, or hard work as in gem or about our daily routines, the fabric with innovative properties is become basic for our wardrobes. Now moisture-wicking textile is wondering and so …

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Application of diode

application of diode

What is the application of a diode? Application of diode has an unlimited range, due to its ability to control the circuit voltage and current. The diode can flow current in one direction and block in reverse. Below are just some examples of the application of diode. In electric engineering, different types of diodes are …

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Antimicrobial textile

antimicrobial fabric

What is an antimicrobial textile? Antimicrobial textile is very helpful to the healthcare or hospital industry. And also, places that are very likely to the microbe. So, in other words, antimicrobial fabric or textiles have been treated to discourage the growth of microorganisms. Examples as bacteria, mold, fungi, mildew, and other hazardous microbes. These textiles …

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Faux fur

faux fur

What is faux fur? Faux fur also called fake fur is a pile fabric engineered to have a warmth (insulative property) and appearance as animal fur. Man-made textile material fashioned to resemble real animal fur. It is typically used in clothing, coats, accessories, and home furnishings. Generally in the past obtained from animals through trapping …

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Merchandiser job description

merchandiser job description

A term merchandiser job description is defined as a professional who is responsible for planning coordinating, and managing the retail sale and buying environment of a product. The primary objective is to optimize product sales and overall profitability. So, this can be achieved by strategically presenting products according to customer needs and aligning with the …

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