Denim fabric

Vintage denim jacket

What is denim fabric: Exploring this ionic fabric Denim is one of the world’s most versatile and transcended fabrics its humble beginning as workwear to become a fashion staple in today world’s society. It is known most commonly used for making jeans is cotton twill fabric. It typically comes in blue, although other shades and …

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knit fabric

Knitting fabric

Weft Knit fabrics are textiles made by interlocking loops of yarn, creating a flexible and stretchy material, produced in circular knitting machines. Also, another type of knitting is warp knitting, which is produced using a warp knitting machine, Tricot knit, Milanese knit, Simplex knit, and Raschel knit.¬†Weft knit fabrics are popular for their comfort and …

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Warp knitting machines

warp knitting machines

Warp knitting machines can be classified into different types depending on machine types. Tricot warp knitting The face has fine lengthwise ribs; the reverse has crosswise ribs. ¬†Complex patterns can produce on some machines, and for added texture or color some can incorporate a weft insertion (extra yarn inserted crosswise). Tricot warp knitting uses two …

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Warp Knitting

needle and guide bars

Warp knitting Warp knitting is different from weft knitting in the sense that, every needle loops its own thread. The needles of warp knitting machines produce parallel rows of loops that are interlocked in a zigzag pattern. The stitches on the front side of the fabrics appear vertically having a slight angle. The stitches on …

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