Mechanical properties of metal

stress strain curve chart

The mechanical properties of metal determine how its use of the metal and develop a standard that can be expected. and also show response to an external load Which includes how they behave (twist, elongate, compress) or break as a function of applied, load, temperature, time, and other conditions. Mechanical properties are termed by stress …

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Classification of textile fibres

dyed textile fibres

Classification of textile fibres into two main categories, the natural and man-made fibre in the classification of textile fibre. Classification of textile fibres chart Vegetable fibres Bast fibre (jute,ramie, flax, hemp) Leaf fibres (sisal, abaca) Seed fibres (cotton, bombax, kapok, coir) Animal fibres Silk Wool and hair fibres Mineral fibres Asbestos fibre Silver, gold, copper …

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Man made fibres

Man Made fibres

Man-made fibres are those that man has generated the fibres for himself from something which are not previously in a suitable fibrous form or from chemical reactions. Classification of man-made fibres In the classification of textile fibres, man-made fibres can be further subdivided into two main classes. Synthetic fibres Regenerated fibres Synthetic or pure man-made …

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What is resin?

what is Resin

Resin is the first ingredient of the plastic material before the addition of other ingredients like stabilizers, filler, pigments, catalysts, and lubricants, and before fabrication to finishing articles. First of all, we prepare the polymer and this polymer we add Stabilizer Filler Pigment Catalyst Lubricant These are known as curing agents. Thus the resin is …

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Classing/grading of cotton

Classing/Grading of cotton

Cotton is cultivated in the world in a large area, and its production is about 25000 million tons per year. Since cotton is cultivated in different environmental conditions hence its quality varies from area to area and country to country, field to field, variety to variety, plant to plant, and ball to ball. But in …

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Harvesting/picking of cotton

Harvesting / picking of cotton

Harvesting/picking of cotton is applied in the time of year once it totally matures when approximately one hundred sixty days once planted. Once the ball bursts former are going to be able to decide. Cotton harvest has passed through huge changes within the past hundred years because of technology, from picking cotton by hand to …

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What is cotton fibre?

cotton fiber

Cotton plant fibreĀ is fluffy and soft, and grows in a ball as a protective cover. The fibre is spread around the seeds in a cotton ball on the cotton plants. Cotton is an important textile fibre. It is the backbone of the world textile economy. Three-quarters of world textile fabric production is made from cotton. …

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