Washing jeans

The ultimate guide on how to properly wash your jeans

I know the importance of taking care of jeans, as a keen denim lover. They are investments that want to last for years and proper care is necessary. Washing jeans may look like a very simple task, but there are many misconceptions about how to wash your jeans correctly. In this guide, I ultimately share with you how to wash your jeans properly. Also, Including different types of denim washes, and how to wash jeans by hand, and in a washing machine. Including best practices for maintaining denim color for your loved jeans.

Introduction to washing jeans

Jeans are foremost in most people’s wardrobes. These are comfortable, can be dressed up and down easily, and are even versatile.  However, many people don’t know how to properly wash your jeans. Since causing fading, leads to shrinkage and even damage to the fabric. The essential part of maintaining quality is washing jeans, but need to do it correctly. In this guide, I will walk through the best practices for washing your jeans. So, ultimately you can keep them looking great for years to come.

Why it’s important to wash your jeans properly

To wash your jeans properly and keep them in proper condition, seems like a task. In routine jeans wear, it has odors and stains, which can be caused by dirt, sweets, and bacteria. These odors and stains should be removed by regular washing to keep them fresh. However, it needs proper care tips to avoid any fabric damage and causing shrinkage. Following care tips can ensure you take your jeans for a prolonged life.

Common misconceptions about washing jeans

There are so many misconceptions about washing your jeans which can lead your jeans to damage and premature wear and tear.

One of the most common misconceptions is that never wash your jeans. Washing indeed causes fading and shrinkage. Since most of the jeans’ product comes with antimicrobial properties. So need less to wash. It is most important to keep your jeans clean to avoid any bacteria buildup and hence smell. (In the new era, some fabric comes with moisture-wicking properties, so needs much less to wash).

Another misconception is always to wash your jeans in cold water. While cold water helps in preventing fading and shrinkage. But it is not always the best option to remove stains. By understanding these misconceptions and best practices one can keep them looking great for years.

How to wash jeans

Washing your jeans is not brain surgery, but may be brain-scratching. There are a lot of methods and theories to properly wash your jeans and how often to wash them. But need denim dilemma to resolve and least investigate. Keep reading for properly washing your jeans are

1-Wash Jeans but less

If your jeans are not dirty, and don’t smell, consider them clean, no wash cycle is needed. Your practice may be good but this can somehow damage you, so avoiding it is better. Also, even if your washing machine might be efficient, then too no need to wash it.

2-Spot clean isolated stain

I know you loved your jeans which are very costly having different denim wash and effects. Instead of completely washing jeans, wash the spot or isolate the stain if it passes the smell test first. Rather than go them for laundering, try spot or isolated stains to clean. This spot or stain may be of tea, nail polish, makeup, etc. To do so apply spot cleaning detergent or product directly to that point where there is a spot. After a minute or two scrub the point to remove a stain.

3-Reading care tag

If you go for laundering don’t throw them. You need to read the care label tag attached to each jeans top inside. On the Tag, fabric composition, washing, detergent hardness drying, ironing, and storing details are listed.

care label tag

4-Turn Jeans inside out

Before starting to wash your jeans, turn them inside out. This will minimize color fading and protect color. Additionally check the pocket, close zipper, and button to avoid any damage during washing.

5-Choose the right washing machine setting

Set your washing machine setting at gentle cycle or delicate wash. This gentle setting will provide a more delicate wash, preventing unnecessary wear and tear of your jeans.

6-Freeze raw denim

Freezing is not washing jeans. But if you are a fan of raw denim then it might be for you. Since raw denim shrinks in the wash, freezing can be an alternate method of the cleaning process. This will kill bacteria in raw denim wash jeans. To freeze your jeans put them in large zipper bags and put them in an icebox. Leave it overnight at a minimum.

7-Use a mild detergent

Select the detergent that is specifically made for denim or one for gentle fabric. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as they can damage the color of your loved jeans. Make sure not to overload the washing machine. This overloading leads to inadequate cleaning and after that uneven drying. If you are washing multicolor jeans together consider washing them separately.

washing jeans

8-Add vinegar and salt to your load

Simple household ingredients go a long way in everyday washing. Take vinegar and salt which are set to jeans dyes. This helps against bleeding and keeps the color fresh for a longer time, especially for dark-colored jeans. Also don’t worry about smelling salt and vinegar as potato chips that is considered too bad. Since this smell disappears when the fabric dries. However, if feel more smell then you can add some scents with detergent.

Add one cup of white household vinegar and a quarter cup of salt in machine washing cold water. Hand washing needs simply adding to your cold water bath.

9-Wash on cold or lukewarm water

Cold or lukewarm water is ideal for washing jeans. Hot water can damage the fabric and cause shrinkage. Follow the care label tag.

10-Skip the fabric softener

Fabric softener residue on jeans affects their texture. Instead, use alternative wool dryer balls or vinegar during the last rinse cycle.

11-Air dry your jeans

Rough and tumble cloth dryer is Jean’s worst enemy after washing jeans. While efficient drying it is notice fading, shrinkage, and distressed jeans. Drape damp jeans by legs place them on a pent hangar and put them on wire for the air dryer. Placing hanging on the belt side loop works too. Avoid using a hot air dryer. this can lead to shrinkage and damage your jeans. Hang them in well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight.

washing jeans

Choosing the right laundry detergent for denim

When it comes to choosing the right laundry detergent for your denim, not all detergents are equal. Look at detergent labels specially formulated for denim or one that is gentle for fabric. Detergents are formulated to remove dirt and stains without deteriorating the quality of jeans. Avoid using bleach and harsh chemicals while washing jeans. since these chemicals can fade color and weaken the strength of jeans. Choosing the suitable detergent for your jeans can ensure that it is cleaned effectively along with their life longevity.

Tips for maintaining the color and shape of jeans

There are a few additional tips to be followed to maintain the color and shape of your loved jeans. Firstly Avoid washing too frequently. Only wash your jeans when it has visible dirt and odors. Overwashing can lead to extra wear and tear of fabric. Clean spots or stains as soon as possible. Secondly, turn your jeans inside out before going to wash. This can protect from fading and wearing by friction is minimized for the front side. Lastly, avoid exposure to sunlight for a longer period. Sunlight may cause fading of your jean’s color and weaken fibers. By implementing these care instructions you can ensure your jeans are vibrant and retain their shape.

How often should you wash your jeans?

The frequency of washing jeans depends on various factors such as personal preference, lifestyle, and wear days. The contrary belief is that jeans do not need to be washed after every wear. This rule is true, as unnecessary washing can lead to wear and tear of fabric. A general rule of thumb should adapt, it is aimed to wash after every 5-10 wears.  However, if your jeans have dirt and a strong odor, then advisable to wash them sooner. By following less frequent washing cycles, you can extend the life span and retain their quality good.

How to wash jeans by hand

Washing jeans by hand is a great way to ensure they are cleaned gently and thoroughly. To wash your jeans by hand start filling the sink or basin with cool water. And add a mild detergent. Turn your jeans outside in and submerge in water. Gently agitate water. After a few minutes dip the stain gently and rinse your jeans with cool water. Gently squeeze and hang them as air dry.

Tips for washing new jeans

New jeans can be stiff and uncomfortable. But after washing, it will be softer and more comfortable to wear. However, it is important to wash your new jeans correctly to avoid any fabric damage. Before washing new jeans, read the instruction label first. Other procedures are same for washing new jeans are the same as instructed above. Note, wash jeans color-wise.


Washing jeans may seem like a simple task and important to do it correctly to keep them looking great for years. The best practice is to maintain the color of your jeans. Ensuring your jeans investment lasts for years. So, next time you are ready to wash your jeans, remember these tips to keep them looking great.

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