Harvesting/picking of cotton

Harvesting/picking of cotton is applied in the time of year once it totally matures when approximately one hundred sixty days once planted. Once the ball bursts former are going to be able to decide. Cotton harvest has passed through huge changes within the past hundred years because of technology, from picking cotton by hand to cotton picker machine choosing. within the back year 1940, there have been 1st seed cotton picker machine made-up. Basically, there are two forms of harvesting/picking of seed cotton fiber applied


How to pick cotton by hand? Picking cotton by hand is the best and oldest technique in the world. A typical observation in picking cotton by hand is that the laborer picks the seed cotton out of the ball and places it into a big bag that hangs over the cotton picker’s shoulder and is dragged on the bottom as he moves to choose the cotton.

Each cotton picker keeps the seed cotton separate and is paid in line with the load of the seed cotton he picked. After that, this picked cotton is loaded into a truck or trailer that takes it to ginning mill. The most experience will pick an average of about one hundred and twenty-five kilograms of seed cotton. Hand-picking or word picking cotton by hand is adopted in countries wherever labor is obtainable and cheaper, for example, China, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan Egypt.

The disadvantage of cotton picking by hand

  1. Picking cotton by hand requires very much labor and time
  2. Another key purpose could be a troublesome and expensive method.

My recommendation for cotton picker / harvesting /picking

Some cotton-picking recommendation is a below

  1. Firstly when more than 50% of balls are opened then mature cotton picking should be started.
  2. Seed cotton should be picked when the dew has been evaporated so that dried cotton can be picked
  3. When selecting picking cotton by hand should begin from the lower to the higher half is ok, but when using the opposite method, cotton leaves and stems often stay on lower cotton balls can be collected with.
  4. Picking immature and immature balls mustn’t be picked.
  5. Picking should be exhausted in 2 or 3 stages after intervals and may be administered in regarding twenty days.
  6. picker cotton is placed in a clean cloth and must be placed in a dry and stored in a dry and clean space.
  7. Efforts should be made to pick different varieties separately.
  8. When all are picked over, sheep and goats should be allowed to graze the leftover which are sources of pink ball worms.

Mechanical harvesting/picking of cotton

Harvesting / picking of cotton
Cotton harvester

Now within the current era, several machines are unreal because of the value of labor picking cotton. The cotton picker machine principally used for cotton collecting is spindle-type and roller-type cotton picker.

Method of mechanical harvesting/picking of cotton

Mechanical picking has two ways currently custom-made

  1. Spindle-type harvesting machine
  2. Stripper-type harvesting machine

Spindle-type cotton picker machine

Spindle-type machines are designed to select the cotton fiber either in 2 rows at identical times.

How cotton picker machine work?

A spindle-type cotton picker machine consists of 2 spindles that move within the horizontal plane, the machine is connected to a trolley car.

As the cotton picker machine moves down the special row and variety of shoes guide the shrub into the slim space of the machine. Here spindle moves forward with high speed and lint is wound on them. The spindle is mounted on the cylinder that moves backward at an identical rate because the cotton picker moves forward.

when the spindle moves in the backward direction the cotton is off from the spindles by a roller known as a doffer and picked up in massive luggage connected at the mouth of the machine.

The drawback of spindle-type harvesting/picking of cotton

Basically, green vegetable has been killed with seed cotton fiber which may not be fully removed in the subsequent ginning method. now a day it’s additionally considered an obsolete methodology in most quality-conscious countries.

What is the production rate?

Spindle-type harvesting machine can pick up to 500 kg  of seed cotton per hour

Stripping-type harvesting/cotton picker machine

The cotton stripper technique uses a roller with a bat and brushes that guide the open cotton ball into a conveyor with all its leaf and stem elements. Which may be simply removed in a later ginning method. This conveyor leads seed cotton into the machine hooper. Further that transfers all seed cotton transfer into a mucky or self-propelled vehicle. These boggy/trolleys is wrapped into cotton candy or directly transferred to ginning.

Advantages of stripping/roller harvest machines

All cotton plants components like stems and leaves altogether are collected with seed cotton. However not crushed into it, which we will able to take away once after the method i.e. ginning.

production rate

On trendy machines, production rates are higher than one thousand kilograms per hour, because of massive trolleys/ bogeys, production efficiency greatly improved by 90~95%.

What are the advantages of using bogeys/ trolleys/press machines?

Using bogeys or trolleys once more good thing due to technology. Through that one will receive advantages within the harvest of cotton fibers.

  1. Firstly improved production efficiencies
  2. Secondly, one can avoid any fire accident in the running process
  3. Dried cotton has great potential to get fired which is solved in the new modern technic of pressing seed cotton into candy,
  4. Compact transportation conjointly resolved also, area problems on trucks and trailers economically.

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